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Those who attend our substance abuse recovery center gain access to the high quality addiction recovery treatment they need. At Patterson Detox, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the clients who enroll in our addiction recovery program are offered the best possible chances at attaining and sustaining their recovery.



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A few words about us

Thanks to the friendly staff at our drug rehab clinic, we can offer the guidance necessary to overcome substance abuse and successfully reach one’s recovery goals. No matter what you need to achieve recovery, we are willing to do everything in our power to offer you the support you deserve. While there are countless different ways that addiction can begin, we can provide the support you need for recovery.


In order to provide each client with the customized support they deserve, everyone who enrolls in our program begins by sitting down with a member of our intake staff. This friendly and courteous professional will ask you a number of questions.

Why Choose Us?

These questions will cover a number of varied topics. While you will certain be asked to answer inquiries that relate to your history of addiction, such as your substance of choice, usage habits, and duration of use, you will also be asked a variety of other questions. You might be asked about your personal history, including details about your personality and temperament. You may also be asked questions pertaining to any possible history of addiction that might be possessed by your family. Although you may question whether or not every question that is asked is relevant, it is essential that you provide us with honest answers during the entire process.

Why is it so important that you answer every question that you asked during your intake interview honestly? Because the details we learn during this session will be used to inform the creation of your personalized care plan. At Patterson Detox, we carefully craft a customized plan for treatment for each and every one of our clients. This affords us the chance to make sure that we are providing all of our clients with the support they deserve, giving them the greatest likelihood of attaining their goals for recovery. We are committed to providing all of the clients who attend our addiction recovery treatment program with the quality addiction recovery support they need to reach their recovery goals and maintain them for as long as possible.